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Dordeduh sign with Lupus Lounge / Prophecy

"We are proud to announce that Dordeduh, the new band of the former Negura Bunget core members Hupogrammos and Sol Faur has signed a long-term contract with Lupus Lounge / Prophecy. Hupogrammos explains the philosophy behind the band: "Dordeduh aims to link the two words 'dor' (engl.: yearning for something, missing something) and 'duh' (engl.: spirit) to the significant values that make us humans, melting together the soul and the spirit. The way one aligns one's experiences with one's own soul, the way one relates to the Universe, the way one perceives and integrates, through Intention, the perpetually flowing Transcendence, that is what defines different levels of humanity in a person, that is what makes one Human."
Musically, Dordeduh will follow the path opened by Negura Bunget, but the musical act will open new perspectives as they will experiment with a new way of approaching black metal as well as using traditional instruments. Hupogrammos: "It is normal for musicians to evolve and develop with every album released, but our goal is to push forward this natural development and to make Dordeduh distinguishable from our musical past." The first material released by Lupus Lounge / Prophecy will be a 7" EP with two songs stylistically quite different from each other, but both capable to provide an idea as to how the first Dordeduh first album (due to be released later in 2010) will sound like."

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Portal - Glumurphonel

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P.S. Pentru toti "prietenii" mei care-mi lasa dedicatii.

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First DORDEDUH live appearance

"The time has come to proudly announce our first Dordeduh live appearance on 24th of January, in Bucharest, at Silver Church club. With this occasion, Dordeduh will have the opportunity to present to the audience songs that will be included in the upcoming album, “Dardeduh”, as well as different perspectives of songs composed during the period when Hupogrammos and Sol Faur were part of Negura Bunget. As an introduction to this show, the Romanian one-man-band Thy Veils, supported by other musicians, will set the atmosphere with a dark ambient music and the event will further melt into a unitary ambience making this a special evening with a specific purpose : Echoes from Transcendence. We are welcoming you to join us and to be part of the nascence of a new path linked with the Spirit."


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Anathema - Transacoustic

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Night Is the New Day


"They say every night has it’s dawn, we say night is the new day!

Katatonia, the Swedish masters of melancholy, are set to return with their follow-up to 2006’s groundbreaking album, ‘The Great Cold Distance’.

It can now be revealed that the latest opus is to be titled ‘Night Is the New Day’, with the band currently well along the road to completion of their eighth studio album.

‘Night Is the New Day’ will be released on October 19th (US – October 27th) on Peaceville Records.

Keep a look-out for the upcoming launch of for exclusives & announcements on the final cover artwork, final tracklisting and the release of the new single."

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Folklore, Fantasy, Gloom, Darkness


"Night is so beautiful (we need her as much as we need Day)"

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Vastness and Sorrow

Wolves in the Throne Room - Vastness and Sorrow

Un live footage incredibil.

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1958 - 2009


Rest in peace, everything is over by now.

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Hupogrammos interview for

Negura Bunget / Dordeduh


1. The split of Negura Bunget into two parties, one being Negru and a new line-up, one being you and Sol Faur, came extremely unexpected to the public. Has this been a recent development, or something you had to struggle with since the band’s birth?

The idea of splitting up the band was floating around for a couple of years; personally I regret that I didn’t do it earlier, probably right after “ OM ” was released. I realised that he was planning this thing for a while, long enough to be prepared for this moment. Seeing that he was already acting behind the curtains for a long time was and still is distressful. The concluding final event of splitting was not about any superficial disagreement between the members, but something more profound and with deep meanings that was slowly rising in time.

2. Within a couple of days, there have been various versions of statements from both Negru and you concerning the band split. I’m pretty sure your fans have been (or still are) confused. Could you please sum up what has happened, from the moment you decided to split up until now? This is your chance to clear up any misunderstandings.

I can’t say too many different things that were already said in those statements. We commonly decided we’d split up the band without making too much noise about it, that we will sign together a common official statement and that none will use the name of the band in the future. What the actual result was, everybody can see right now.

3. I’ve heard that Negru owns the rights on practically everything concerning the name Negura Bunget. Seriously… why that? And how does that come?

We actually had a well structured duties split in our band. Everyone was doing what knew best and what was best fitting them. We had some unspoken and unwritten rules, rules that actually represent the basis of the black metal principles. We considered it was not necessary to point out what everyone had to do, because these things were happening naturally. When the basics are founded on trust and on unconditional acts, there is no need for all those formal agreements; but it seems that for some people it is quite hard to sustain such a purpose at an impeccable level without being tempted to get corrupted. To be able to believe and encapsulate all these principles in one’s life, proves to be a high provocation and not everyone could sustain it indefinitely.
Concerning the name of the band, Negru was the one that brought it up. It was a name that was fully fitting with our believes and we were proud to be united under this name like a single entity.
Negru had free path to deal with all the contacts, with the labels, organizers, with all the booking agencies, merchandise, our Myspace page, our official website, our newsletter and activities of Negura Music. We (Sol Faur and myself), were in charge with the musical aspect, with expressing the conceptual part through music and lyrics, but we were also taking part in his duties when it was needed and vice versa, as it would have been natural. I think that this agreement was comfortable, probably too comfortable for both of the sides.
The main reason for such an end was actually the fact that we were trusting too much in his accuracy and in doing things clean, in the best interest of the band. He was doing a lot of good and appreciable things, but as the late facts like are showing he was also doing a lot of mess and a lot of things in his personal favour, in other words he made sure that he can have full control to fulfil his self centred ambitions.

4. Could you please try to describe where the big difference between you and Negru lies? What kind of character are you, and how did Negru finally turn out to be? Why do you think a co-operation between you two is not bearable? Does this have something (or a lot) to do with spirituality and honesty you’ve always supported with the band?

From a human point of view and from a spiritual perspective, now I think that he betrayed everything that he was supposed to stand up for in this band. If he’s prepared to step on his word for a personal gain and if his values are so low to not care for anything that this band was trying to build up for 15 years, then I don’t want to be related in any aspect with this person anymore.
I believe that it would be fair and much easier for everyone if he would continue under a different name with the line up that he gathered. Why would he discredit the name of Negura Bunget just for a personal gain? If he trusts his new line up he would succeed anyway. What he intends to continue is certainly not Negura Bunget anymore.

5. In a recent interview, you’ve stated you were sorry to have been forced into such an un-spiritual acting as struggling in public. Do you wish you would’ve been a little less “spiritual” (means: more into the business aspect of playing in a band) during the last years? Would that have changed anything in the flow of the band’s development?

That’s true. It’s the lowest thing that I ever did in my life and this thing doesn’t represent me or Sol Faur at all. But at the same time, what our ex drummer had to have a feedback from our side. We covered up many things in the past and we were also prepared to do nothing spectacular out of this split up, as we all agreed. But his gesture was simply going too far. I’m really sorry that we had to act in this manner, but there was no other way to do it because he was not interested and didn’t intend to cooperate in concluding everything in an honourable way, even though we proposed this to him a couple of times. I would like apologize to all the people who believed and lived Negura Bunget experience, because they are the most hurt from this story.
If one quits one’s believes just because there was a difficult moment in his path, would you call those authentic believes? I think we can’t talk about being “less spiritual”; the interest for the esoteric part of the world should complete and apply in everyday life activity. An esoteric believe will never be fulfilled if is not practiced in the daily life and casual activity will never be complete if it doesn’t enclose the esoteric side.

6. Do you fear that fans being fascinated by and deeply into your music will see your future music activity in a different, less mystical, less personal, less spiritual way, because you’ve taken a step into public?

I think that for anyone paying consideration to our work in a deep and honest way it will be quite difficult to see things like they were before; but at the same time I think that our fans have a common sense, an intuition that make them able to see by their own how things actually are, beyond Negru’s words or my words.
I believe and trust the fate, the universe, the nature, the Spirit. There are different faces for different situations of the same thing manifesting inside and around us. Time will tell how things actually were and people will acknowledge then the whole truth. People should trust the fate and the Spirit manifesting in them and around them; this is the only reliable source of truth that remained.

7. You’ve already made clear that you and Sol Faur have been the main composers for Negura Bunget. Do you think your upcoming music will sound different from the last Negura Bunget releases though? How big is the influence of the current developments and disappointment on your inspiration?

I can confess that Sol Faur and I embrace a great moment of inspiration and that we are already working for the new material. We are eager to further express what truly represents us in our future musical activities. I can say that the new material is a natural development of what we composed in Negura Bunget and it will follow what was previously established as a path for us. We are beings who are able to change, to accept the change that occurred in our life, to take out all the lessons that were especially prepared for us and assembling them in a new shape thus being accessible and applicable for the further provocations.
I think it is quite clear that these times are difficult moments for us, but I’m glad that we did this step and that we cleared out our path through this decision.

8. In Negura Bunget you’ve always kept the members’ identities secret, with the music (or the drummer…) speaking for you. Now you’ve been forced to act in public, in order to tell your version of the story and not to lose your fans’ trust. How have you developed personally during the last couple of weeks, when it comes to acting in public? Have you received a lot of support from the fans, the media or musicians you’re friends with?

We were never really comfortable with being too exposed. This is also something about a certain modesty that is always welcomed in the case of an “artist”. At the same this is the way to prove respect in following the path of black metal principles of not involving your personal view more than necessary. At the same time the fate guided us to make a balance by keeping the black metal integrity and assuming the responsibility of applying it in the entire activity that we are involved.
We were not really getting out to show something for the fans. Our acts were made by the call of verticality and by the purpose of bringing to humanity an impeccable tribute that could honour every human.
Assuming this public act is very consuming for us at this moment, but it will become something that we get used to and not lose ourselves in. I was really glad to receive support from many people that proved to have understood the spirit of our actions; they showed their support for what we’ve been going through and I’m humbly thanking them for all this appreciation.

9. Negru has already announced – in contrast to your mutual agreement on not using the trademark Negura Bunget in the future – to continue under the name Negura Bunget. He has already gathered a new line-up and is working on a new album.. Does the fact that he announced the new line-up so quickly after the split mean that he has longer planned to dumb you? What’s your opinion on the new line-up by the way?

It’s obvious now that he’s been planning this step for long time, longer then one could ever imagine. What I cannot understand is why wasn’t for him easier and more comfortable to try to solve the issues between us? We were supposed to be his most trusted friends, colleagues and practically his family. Were we staying is his way?.. or maybe in his way of fulfilling his egocentric purpose, I presume...
About the new line up I can’t really tell you my whole personal opinion, it would be too drastic for this interview, but I could tell you that it consists entirely in so called “trustful friends and past colleagues”. We have in the Romanian culture a wise saying that translated would sound like this: “all that is similar gathers together”. No need to say more.

10. A week after the split you’ve published a demo version of a new song on myspace. That means you’re going to continue on the very same path, musically, that you’ve walked on with Negura Bunget. Can you already reveal any details on the new band or project? Any name, new line-up, record deals? Who’s going to handle all that business stuff now?

Yes I am pleased to announce that the new band is called Dordeduh and the line up for the next album will consist of Sol Faur and myself, Arioch - known for playing the bass for Negura Bunget for already a year and a half, Thelemnar - known for playing drums for Secrets of the moon and The Vision Bleak (also seen at percussions at the last gigs of Negura Bunget) and Sergio Ponti - known for drumming for Ephel Duath, Illogicist.
We will handle the business part ourselves but some professional aspects will be taken by labels and booking agencies.

11. Are you planning to go to court with the whole struggle around the rights for the name Negura Bunget? Or are you too much “gentleman” to act in such a way? The happenings around Gorgoroth have shown that this might be worthwile in a way. What would you do in case you’d win such a trial? Bury the name Negura Bunget or use it further?

Honestly I would like to spend my time in a more pleasant way then visiting the courts. But I can expect anything from our ex drummer, I don’t really know what his plans are, so actually everything is possible, even going to court. With this occasion I would like to make clear that we are not interested in bringing back or on our side the name of Negura Bunget. For us this is a past chapter and it should be like that for all.

12. In retrospect… what will you do differently in your new band than in Negura Bunget? What are the positive and negative aspects you’ve learned from the split?

I will make contracts with everyone involved in our music… hahaha…
I think we learned many useful things in this period and we still have to learn out from it. The most important aspect may be that if one assumes to make a compromise, one should also be aware that it will come that day when the “payment” has to be done. It is a responsibility that we all, as human beings, have to acknowledge in our lives.
I don’t know if there are actually negative aspects because we are alone in this universe and everything depends on us, so it’s all up to us how to handle a situation or another. The entire universe is determined by our decisions and everything is interconnected. This aspect may become negative if one is fearful to take action or to assume responsibility for one’s acts, but this conjuncture may also become extremely favourable if one can act from this perspective, fully embodied with this determination.

13. wishes you all the best for your future musical (AND! business) activity. We hope to see you returning with wonderful music, played by honest people and being released with a reputable record company. This is your chance for a final statement to your fans. Thanks for the interview.

Thank you very much for your support and trust. I would like to thank all the people that supported and trusted us and I would like to invite everyone interested to follow our activity on and

Best regards!




The time has come to make an official announcement about the band that will continue the path that started 15 years ago as Negura Bunget. This new entity is Dordeduh and a bare translation of the name would sound like "yearning for the spirit". More info’s on the deepest layers of the name's symbolism and about the conceptual background of the band will be found as soon as possible on our upcoming official website and on the .
The lineup of the band consists of: Hupogrammos & Sol Faur, Arioch - known for playing the bass for Negura Bunget for already a year and a half, playing guitar in Odem Arcarum, Secrets of the moon, Thelemnar - known for playing drums for Secrets of the Moon and The Vision Bleak (also seen on percussions at the last gigs of Negura Bunget) and Sergio Ponti - known for drumming for Ephel Duath, Illogicist. This lineup will be completed in the future after choosing a keyboard player as well as someone to play live all the traditional instruments that we intend to use in our music. We are eager to step on the stage again and to bring out as soon as possible the new album that we'll be working on.
Our aim is to connect the transcendence with the material substance and to elevate the consciousness to the highest realms of the human spirit by providing music based on heartfelt ultimate truths. We are certain that the path initiated by Negura Bunget years ago could and should be continued by Dordeduh in the intent of representing a union of the outermost noble essence of humanness with the universe through an unconditional process.
“Sa fie intr-un ceas bun!”

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Beyond Light (Beautiful and Malignant)

"Nachtmystium performing live at The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA. Live version of Beyond Light (Beautiful and Malignant) from the Twilight collaboration project album. Malefic / Xasthur performing guest vocals on this footage. Recorded 9/06 on the Pelican / Nachtmystium / Daughters tour."

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Ava Inferi

Beautiful band created in Almada, Portugal, by guitarist and songwriter Rune Eriksen aka Blasphemer ex. Mayhem.


Ava Inferi - The Dual Keys

"To my solitude I grant you this key,
To perfect harmony."

Ava Inferi - Dança das Ondas (Dance of the Waves)

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Kampfar - Vandring

Into the twilight...

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Interviu cu Hupogrammos

"Am incheiat un capitol frumos din viata noastra"

English version can be reached in here.


Despre despartirea Negura Bunget probabil am aflat cu totii, cert este ca multiplele comunicate de presa lansate de fostii membrii au adus cu ele o urma de mister ce a ridicat foarte multe intrebari din partea fanilor. Si pentru a elucida cateva din acestea, am decis sa stam de vorba cu Hupogrammos care ne-a raspuns foarte prompt la intrebari, in acelasi timp prezentand o varianta cat mai clara si directa a motivelor ce au dus la aceasta situatie incomoda, planurile de viitor ale acestuia si Sol Faur precum si consecintele acestei decizii in termeni legali. Dar mai multe detalii puteti afla din interviul de mai jos:

Salutare, stiu ca este un moment destul de greu pentru voi asa ca voi incerca sa fiu cat mai direct raportandu-ma mai mult la intrebarile fanilor care au ridicat cateva idei cat se poate de interesante. Insa inainte de toate as dori sa va intreb daca ati citit ultimul comunicat trimis de Negru, din care imi permit sa extrag urmatorul pasaj: ‘Orice ar spune altcineva, e din afara formatiei!!! Totul va continua precum a fost prezentat in precedentul comunicat official.” Cum ati comenta acest pasaj raportand la comunicatul trimis de voi?

Ziua buna! Este cu adevarat un moment greu in viata fiecarui fost membru Negura Bunget, indiferent ca este vorba de fostii nostri colaboratori sau de fostii membri oficiali. Din pacate reactia lui Negru este una prin care reconfirma atitudinea incorecta si sfidatoare pe care a avut-o fata de colegii sai, oameni fata de care ar fi fost extrem de onorabil sa isi pastreze cuvantul dat, si desigur fata de publicul care a crezut in el si in Negura Bunget. Tocmai aceasta este si motivul pentru care am decis dizolvarea trupei. Dupa cum am mai sustinut, el nu reprezinta Negura Bunget de unul singur si nici nu o va face vreodata.

Care era mai exact rolul lui Negru in vechea componenta, desigur in afara postului de tobar?

Dupa cum am precizat si in comunicatul nostru, lui i s-a datorat intregul aspect logistic al formatiei Negura Bunget, pornind de la contactele cu casele de discuri pana la aspectele financiare. Ar fi total nepotrivit daca nu as recunoaste ca felul in care erau concepute lucrurile in fosta noastra formatie era unul cat se poate de comod si confortabil: fiecare se ocupa de aspectele pe care le stapanea cel mai bine.

Asadar Negru s-a ocupat de aspectul logistic, pe cand Sol Faur si cu mine ne-am ocupat de aspectul muzical. Si lucrurile ar fi fost ideale in felul acesta daca, desigur, ai putea avea incredere in persoanele carora le atribui aceste indatoriri. Insa din nefericire nu a fost cazul nostru. As putea afirma si faptul ca Sol Faur si cu mine purtam o parte din vina faptului ca s-a ajuns pana aici, caci am lasat lucrurile mult prea necontrolate in domeniul condus de Negru, mizand pe increderea pe care o purtam persoanei sale.

Din cate stiu Negru este cel care a dat numele formatiei (va rog sa ma corectati daca ma insel). Sunteti de parere ca reprezinta o dovada palpabila pentru comunicatul pe care el il sustine?

Este cat se poate de adevarat ca el a propus numele de Negura Bunget. Desigur multe experiente s-au legat de acest nume, insa respectivele experiente se datoreaza unui colectiv si a unei muzici care au condus la materializarea acestora. Insa nu este nici fair play si nici uman sa priveasca Negura Bunget ca pe afacerea sa persoanala. Aceste doua cuvinte ar fi ramas niste simple cuvinte daca ele nu ar fi fost insufletite de un anume spirit, care a si adus particularitatea formatiei noastre.

Desigur si Negru a contribuit la formarea si crearea acestui suflet, cu bune cu rele, si din perspectiva noastra nu a fost chestionata niciodata dedicarea sau cantitatea dedicarii vreunui membru, ci au contat calitatea si desavarsirea fiecarui fapt inglobat in acest suflet al formatiei. Fiecare a contribuit neconditionat cu tot ce a avut mai bun.

Un alt aspect pe care as dori sa-l mentionez cat se poate de explicit este faptul ca nici Sol Faur si nici eu nu dorim si nici nu ne-am mai pus problema continuarii activitatii muzicale sub numele de Negura Bunget, nici in formula completa si nici ca proiect separat. Negura Bunget reprezinta un capitol frumos din viata noastra si as dori sa-l pastrez ca atare.

Cine detine drepturile asupra propietatii Negura Bunget (tot ce inseamna aceasta), referindu-ma si la UCMR?

Pentru primele materiale eu detin proprietatea drepturilor de autor; cat priveste materialele care au fost scoase sub egida Code666, ele figureaza in custodia SIAE (varianta italiana a UCMR ) sub proportia de 50% Negru, 50% Hupogrammos.

Credeti ca in acest moment mai este vorba de o problema de comunicare intre voi si Negru sau deja s-a trecut la un alt nivel?

Problema despartirii nu este una recenta; este mai degraba ceva ce s-a tot amanat datorita sperantelor noastre ca lucrurile s-ar putea schimba in bine in ceea ce-l priveste pe fostul nostru coleg. Asadar faptul ca acest gest a fost pronuntat public reprezinta cu siguranta un capat de drum.

Iar daca tot am ajuns in acest punct, as dori sa precizez faptul ca cea mai mare tristete pe care o port in urma acestei despartiri se datoreaza gandului la fanii nostri, care au simtit si care au trait alaturi de noi cu Negura Bunget. Cred ca va fi foarte dificil pentru ei sa mai desprinda acest scandal public de muzica si conceptele pe care le-am alaturat muzicii noastre. Cu multa parere de rau, ne cerem scuze in fata ascultatorilor nostri pentru contradictia etica, conceptuala si sufleteasca de care dam dovada in aceste momente.

Invitam insa publicul sa inteleaga ca dezlipirea noastra din sanul Negura Bunget se datoreaza unui process de cumulare a unor tensiuni si dezechilibre atat la nivel conceptual (si anume lipsa de etica si verticalitate a colegului nostru, care contraveneau conceptului se umanitate si spiritualitate sustinute de noi) cat si la nivel personal (fapte adiacente problemelor principale, care desigur contribuie si ele la crearea unei tensiuni in interiorul formatiei). Consideram condamnabila iresponsabilitatea fostului nostru coleg de a pata numele formatiei in acest fel.

Totodata am considerat ca numai in ideea pastrarii unui nume intact si fara pata nu putem accepta gestul lui Negru de a publica un statement diferit decat convenisem. Avem o datorie fata de numele nostru cat si fata de ascultatorii nostri si am considerat ca a scoate adevarul la suprafata este o mai mare dovada a respectului pe care il avem fata de ei, decat sa fi acceptat situatia de fapt si sa fi trecut totul sub semnul tacerii.

Sunteti de parere ca in conditiile de fata se poate ajunge in instanta?

Cu siguranta! In ceea ce priveste drepturile de autor ramanem de nestramutat.

In acelasi timp trebuie sa spun ca as dori totusi sa-mi investesc timpul intr-un mod mult mai eficient decat cel de a umbla prin procese. Sunt un om care si-a dedicat viata muzicii si as dori sa imi continuu acest demers si pe mai departe. Insa intervin anumite momente in viata cand trebuie sa lupti pentru lucrurile in care crezi si carora ti-ai dedicat o buna parte a vietii. Iar acum este acest moment.

Care a fost pozitia casei de discuri Code666?

Pozitia casei de discuri se poate citi pe urmatorul link.

Referitor la pasajul: "The selfish and greedy acts of a single person are doing too much harm." Ce inseamna asta mai exact? Vreti sa spuneti ca Negura Bunget a ajuns mai degraba un business?

Pentru colegul meu Sol Faur cat si pentru mine Negura Bunget a reprezentat un stil de viata. Ne-am focalizat intreaga atentie asupra punerii in practica a conceptelor si principiilor inglobate in muzica Negura Bunget, iar din acest fapt a rezultat o continua devenire inspre perfectionarea aspectului muzical cat si a celui personal. Totodata viziunea fostului nostru coleg Negru a fost inca de la inceputuri una mult mai pragmatica, care a ajuns intr-un final sa se indeparteze din ce in ce mai mult de conceptele noatre pana in momentul in care formatia a devenit business-ul sau personal.

Referitor la pasajul citat, sincer il consider destul de expresiv pentru situatia momentului. Multi oameni sunt pur si simplu dezgustati de acest scandal, iar cel mai mare dezgust il simtim chiar noi; consider ca s-a creat o imagine complet neadecvata si in totala neconcordanta cu ceea ca trebuia sa fie numele Negura Bunget, total neconforma cu conceptele pe care se sprijina aceasta.. Chiar ma intreb daca pentru Negru aceasta turnura a situatiei este ceea ce isi dorea. Nu stiu cum si-a imaginat el lucrurile, insa a crezut ca vom accepta, fara sa reactionam, un astfel de gest de tradare?

Pe plan muzical, v-ati gandit la un viitor? La o componenta? La un stil? Cum crezi ca va suna viitorul pentru voi?

Dupa cum am mai afirmat in statementul nostru, ne vom continua activitatea muzicala in cadrul unei formatii noi. Abordarea muzicala cat si cea ideologica vor fi practic o continuarea a muncii pe care am inceput-o la Negura Bunget. Cu aceasta ocazie va invit sa ascultati pe urmatoarea pagina de Myspace,o varianta incipienta primei piese ce va fi inclusa pe primul nostru material.

Pe aceasta varianta la tobe figureaza Negru, insa piesa este compusa in totalitate de Sol Faur si cu mine. Cat despre viitoarea componenta voi putea vorbi abia in momentul in care vom incepe munca impreuna, desi exista muzicieni ce si-au confirmat deja participarea la acest proiect muzical.

Pe METALHEAD s-a lansat un sondaj referitor la intrebarea: Mai poate canta Negura Bunget sub denumirea actuala? Pana in momentul de fata 63% au votat „Nu”. Va bucura in vreun fel reactia fanilor?

Ma bucura acest fapt in masura in care acest sondaj poate sa fie reprezentativ pentru aprecierea ascultatorului roman fata de verticalitate si umanitate. Insa in nici un caz nu ma bucura din perpectiva importantei de sine.

Va multumesc foarte mult pentru timpul acordat. Daca aveti ceva de completat, sau de adresat celor ce va sustin, va rog s-o faceti.

As dori sa salut pe aceasta cale publicul roman, sa ii multumesc pentru sustinerea din toti acesti ani, sa invit oamenii sa urmareasca activitatea noastra pe viitor si nu in ultimul rand le multumesc pentru posibilitatea pe care am primit-o de a-mi expune parerea. Toate cele bune!

Sursa interviului:

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Statement of Hupogrammos and Sol Faur from Negura Bunget


This statement is signed by Sol Faur and myself (Hupogrammos). Our aim is to shed light on the recent developments in relation to Negura Bunget. We also want to prevent further abuse of the name Negura Bunget and our past activities. Our decision should be well understood and fans and media have a right to be correctly informed of the current development. We owe this to the public and Negura Bunget itself. There is no intention to turn this into a personal issue between us and our former drummer Negru. We do not wish to create a public scandal, but a line has been crossed and it is time now to stand up and fight for what we believe in.

With the last "official" Negura Bunget statement, things went too far. The selfish and greedy acts of a single person are doing too much harm. We cannot accept how our issues were presented to the world. In truth our gesture to step aside from the band was generated by the selfish behavior of our drummer Negru and by his lack of ability to connect, to work in a team as well as by his lack of honesty.

We initially intended to remain silent on the reasons of our split. We all agreed to end our joined work and to release a simple and unspectacular statement to the press in order to prevent our personal animosity to become part of the story. It was agreed by all that none of the members would use the name "Negura Bunget" ever again in the future since the band as an entity was comprised by all three of its members. Negru's act of making a public statement that is completely different from what has been agreed upon proves once more a total lack of respect for the other members of our and his own band. It proves his honor to be questionable as his acts are serving only his personal interest.

Our own statement, which we had sent to Negru for approval and adjustment, looked like this:

“After fifteen years of experience in the metal scene Negura Bunget decided to end its activity. Negru will continue with his own project called Din Brad, while Hupogrammos and Sol Faur will continue the direction of the band under a different name that will be announced at a later date. The band would like to thank everybody, who supported and believed in Negura Bunget and invites you to follow our further musical activities.”

Unfortunately we did not have the chance to see his final statement before it was sent. We were unable to change or to prevent it from becoming public in that form. Being in charge of all the logistic part of our work (i.e. all our contacts, our Myspace page, our official website, our newsletter and activities of Negura Music) Negru was entitled to send our statement to the media and to the public. However, he didn't consult us before posting a statement that did not care about our opinion, even though his statement makes believe this was a mutual decision.

We think that it would have been much more natural, peaceful and wise decision, if he would have simply continued his musical activities under a new name or under the name "Din Brad". In this regard we would like to express our deepest regret and disappointment that two of our guest musicians, whom we collaborated with during the last years, accepted to join his sham. Nevertheless we consider it to be very inappropriate for them to continue performing songs that were composed by those members leaving the band. It is truly sad to see that the band is now becoming a personal business for our former drummer. He never was and he will never be Negura Bunget by himself. If this is the spiritual endeavor which he is talking about, then this is a serious insult to the very name of Negura Bunget and an unforgivable contradiction to the cultural and spiritual concepts that Negura Bunget was standing for during all these years. It means an injury to us, the past members that dedicated 15 years of their lives to support and sustain an elevated path. It means an injury to anybody, who believed in what we were doing and maybe most of all it is a wounding of Spirit and Transcendence, the path that Negura Bunget was honored to dedicate its very existence to.

We, Sol Faur and Hupogrammos, who have composed nearly all music and written the lyrics of and for Negura Bunget herewith, declare that this band is dead. Any continuation of it just means a sham and a fake in our eyes.

"Sã lãsãm cuvîntul sã doarmã ...
Lipsind de vorbe, mutã-i mintea,
Seninã-i fruntea..."

Monday, 11 May 2009


"I wring the secret out of my body..."


Aural Music Official Press Release

After more than 10 years of fruitful collaboration , Hupogrammos and Sol Faur are leaving Negura Bunget to pursue other musical projects.

Its founding member Negru is already working at the assemblage of a new line-up, capable of increasing the value of Negura Bunget’s progress, which over the years has stood out for the excellent quality and originality of its musical offer.

Negura Bunget will take part in the Summer Festivals with the new line-up, then they will retreat to the Studio for the recording of their new eagerly awaited album - still without a title - which will be released on code666 in 2010. The plans include also the recording of an exclusive track for the compilation celebrating code666 “Better Undead than Alive II”, and finally a special MCD which will close the long and productive collaboration between Negura Bunget and code666.

We take the opportunity to wish Hupogrammos and Sol Faur good luck for their new musical projects and to thank them for the 10 years of positive and fruitful collaboration.

Emiliano Lanzoni
Aural Music

Imola, 9th May 2009


R.I.P. Negura Bunget

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Shining live la Brasov

Parea destul de ireal cand am aflat ca, Shining o sa concerteze la noi. Asta deoarece, cel care a revendicat initial cele doua evenimente a fost nimeni altul decat celebrul Sandor "igen" care a dat anul trecut un mare chix cu Metal Maniac, lasand cu buza umflata o gramada de oameni care vroiau sa ia parte la acest eveniment. Well, da mi s-a parut dubios sa aud ca el "face" aceste concerte cu Shining. In fine eram gata sa astept pana atunci sa vad ce si cum dar...intre timp se produse un mic "joc de glezne" si anume ca Doru Atomei de la celebra publicatie underground Kogaionon anunta si el un eveniment cu Shining, mult mai devreme decat cele doua de care am pomenit mai sus. Pfffff, deja imi era clar. Stiam ca din partea lui Doru Atomei e ceva serios si sigur...fara chestii care ma puneau in situatia sa ma intreb daca se va tine sau nu acest eveniment. In fine, nu o sa intru prea mult in detalii legat de acest eveniment pentru ca o sa postez un link cu o cronica a evenimentului, insa vreau doar sa mentionez ca a fost un mega concert pentru mine, cu toate ca "fratele" Niku (Niklas Olsson Kvarforth) celebrul frontman Shining a facut-o lata in repetate randuri cu diverse "chestii" care nu are rost sa le amintesc aici.
A fost un eveniment foarte reusit din punctul meu de vedere pe care chiar l-am savurat din plin. Cu adevarat rok dement nene!
O cronica poate fi de gasit aici.



























Live footage:

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Amesoeurs - Amesoeurs

Astazi am intrat in posesia primului material discografic full-length apartinand trupei Amesoeurs datat 2009. Dupa un EP excelent "Ruines Humaines" scos in 2006, pe care gaseam doar trei piese, a sosit in sfarsit ziua in care sa iasa la lumina full-length-ul mult asteptat. Am apucat sa-l ascult doar o data, dar sincer m-a uimit total. Contine 11 piese incredibil de bine realizate, cu mult peste nivelul compozitional al EP-ului mai sus amintit cu care ma obisnuisem.

Amesoeurs ca origine, provine din Franta, iar liderul trupei nu este altul decat Neige, personaj destul de cunoscut si apreciat, pentru proiectele sale care l-au propulsat inainte din care amintim: Alcest, Mortifera, Peste Noire, si din 2007 si in Forgotten Woods care sunt la baza Norvegieni.
Stilul de baza Amesoeurs ar fi Black Metal dar, totusi contine elemente foarte atipice si neconventionale pentru genul respectiv, fiind catalogati si sub denumirea post-punk / shoegaze.

Recomand tuturor iubitorilor de muzica buna acest album. Merita savurat minut cu minut. Un material veritabil, foarte bine facut si gandit care s-a dovedit a fi cu mult peste asteptarile mele. Inca o data, Neige, altaturi de colegii sai a demonstrat cine este cu adevarat. Pentru cei ce nu au audiat pana la aceasta ora Amesoeurs, pot lua cunostinta cu aceasta formatie cu un click aici pe pagina lor de My Space. Enjoy!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Noua solista The Gathering


Well, nu stiu cati asculta trupa asta din Olanda. Mie imi place destul de mult, mai ales albumele vechi "Mandylion" si "Nighttime Birds". A fost nasol cand a plecat Anneke. Credeam ca na...asta a fost legat de trupa respectiva. Da de unde...zilele astea olandezii au anuntat noua lor solista. Este vorba de o tipa din norvegia Silje Wergeland, care canta si cu Octavia Sperati. Trupa aceasta Octavia Sperati chiar nu o cunoasteam. Cu ocazia asta am sa o caut si am sa o ascult sa vad ce si cum.
Ideea e ca, tipa asta noua in rolul de vocalist chiar imbraca bine "coloritul" The Gathering in opinia mea. Pe My Space-ul lor, au pus la dispozitie publicului si trei piese ce se vor gasi pe urmatorul lor material discografic "The West Pole" ce va aparea in curand. Mie mi-au placut destul de mult, mai ales piesa de titlu "The West Pole". Evident, The Gathering nu mai e ce era candva...asta e clar. Dar totusi, pentru mine aceasta schimbare e chiar neasteptat de ok. Tipa e chiar placuta la voce, si imi face placere sa o audiez. Daca aveti un pic de timp, merita clar sa aruncati un ochi si sa vedeti ce se intampla in noul The Gathering. Link direct catre My Space-ul lor aici.

Around (again)

Obisnuiam sa am un colţişor, sa mai scriu despre muzica in general. Despre piese si albume care mi-au placut. Dar am mai facut-o de o vreme. Posturile care zaceau aici le-am sters si pa. Acu' insa, parca as mai scrie din nou...despre orice, dar in special legat de muzica...una alta si nu numai. Acum insa gandesc asa pozitiv despre ideea de a scrie pentru ca de aproape o luna si ceva o ard pe acasa grupa mare, si am avut timp berechet pentru orice. Chiar ma plictiseam la greu. Curand insa o sa incep munca si clar cand o sa ajung seara acasa, nici nu o sa am chef sa pornesc Opera dar sa mai scriu. Eh, om vedea...