Saturday, 1 August 2009

Night Is the New Day


"They say every night has it’s dawn, we say night is the new day!

Katatonia, the Swedish masters of melancholy, are set to return with their follow-up to 2006’s groundbreaking album, ‘The Great Cold Distance’.

It can now be revealed that the latest opus is to be titled ‘Night Is the New Day’, with the band currently well along the road to completion of their eighth studio album.

‘Night Is the New Day’ will be released on October 19th (US – October 27th) on Peaceville Records.

Keep a look-out for the upcoming launch of for exclusives & announcements on the final cover artwork, final tracklisting and the release of the new single."


Anonymous said...

Asta e una dintre cele mai bune vesti pe anul in curs. Viva la muzica! Salutare! M

Fenrir said...

Sa speram ca va fi un album mai bun decat cel precedent. De fapt...chiar ar trebui sa fie unul mai bun.

Anonymous said...

[...] Si uite ca "Forsaker", primul teaser al noului album suna foarte fain pentru mine... Inca putin! M